Songs You Should Know vol. 4

Hellooooo Mustangs! It is with great pleasure that I get to ring in the new year and new semester with another playlist FULL of amazing music you all need to hear. I hope each and every one of you had only the most relaxing and rejuvenating vacation, that was filled with delicious home cooked meals and enough sleep to get you through the next five months. I certainly did. Now that we can finally shake off the holiday season and everything that came with it, it’s time to make room in your life for new music to start your year off right. This month I’ve got 15 songs (hehe I’m so clever) that range from brand spankin’ new to ones that might’ve gotten overlooked in 2014 that I wanted to give another opportunity to. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy, and may this be the best semester yet!

Also, if you happen to stumble across a song you really like, follow through on the artist! For a couple reasons: a lot of songs on Soundcloud, including a hand full of these, are available for free download. Also, Festival season is on the horizon, starting with SXSW in Austin in March, which means if you really fall for any song or artist in particular, there’s a strong chance you might be able to catch them live and support them! So do it!

1. Tropics – Rapture
Not really sure why I only recently discovered Tropics, but this latest release from the UK artist took me on a journey. I love the vibe, with the soft drums and the beautiful piano chords. It’s got a jazzy feel to it, which earns Tropics solo member Chris Ward a lot of respect for being able to pull that off. I would kill to hear him dish this out live on a pristine Steinway in hotel lobby that opens up to the beach, at sunset. One day…

2. Lana del Rey – West Coast (Hippie Sabotage Remix)
This remix isn’t anything too out of the ordinary, especially considering how many Lana remixes there are in the world, EXCEPT FOR THE END. Stick it out all the way and you will be rewarded.

3. Lykke Li – Gunshot (FAUL Remix)
This dude FAUL produces that current European gentle house sort of sound, but his is very particular and very addicting. It was hard to pick one of his songs to share with you but I went with this Lykke Li remix because her voice is simply angelic and hey, I always gotta support my Swedes. Also, according to his Soundcloud, “faul” means lazy in German, which is convenient to know because if you (as an American) ever go to Germany, I’m sure they’ll call you that behind your back. Prove them wrong.

4. Mr. Carmack – i’m in love with, Coco
Ahhhh, Mr. Carmack… *laughs, shakes head* This dude is so independent of everything else in the world, he just produces what he wants and it’s so refreshing every time. Wasn’t a huge fan of the original by O.T. Genasis but Carmack cooks it up his way and it’s a little filthy but a whole lot of fantastic.

5. Baby Bash – Suga Suga (Jerry Folk Remix)
The original “Suga Suga” has to be one of the best 100 songs of all times. Yeah, I mean it. Like that guitar rift? Try and tell me you wouldn’t be okay listening to that guitar rift on repeat for the rest of your life, because you would, and it would probably make you a better person. Anyways, there’s a lot of remixes out there, like the Rusty Hook one which I obsessed over for about, oh idk, ALL OF 2014, but this one also nails it. Well done, Mr. Folk. Bonus! Can you identify the random quote that appears in this track?

6. Funkerman – Coming Home
If you know me, then you know that I have reeaaaallly strong feelings about the Dutch. However, as part of shedding my skin of 2014 and becoming a more open minded person this year, I’m willing to drop it so I can share this deep house track with you by Dutch producer Funkerman. And if this song is making you feel the way it’s making me feel, then feel free to head over to It’ll Do with me to dance on their light up floors sometime in the near future.

7. TNGHT – Acrylics (RL Grime Edit)
TNGHT’s original “Acrylics” – is fire. RL Grime – is also fire. If you caught his set at South Side back in December, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Now, for this “remix,” RL Grime didn’t have to do much to make it anymore turnt than it already was but he found a way regardless. I would caution you against playing this too loud, unless you’ve got the speakers for it of course, it which case, turn it the heck up.

8. G-Eazy – Why Thank You (Prod. Hit-Boy)
G has been dropping a lot of singles in the wake of his most recent album release, “These Things Happen,” and it’s really because, he has to. This guy is physically compelled to put out music. Or maybe it’s because this guy has a fan base that demands it out of him. Or both. Find out for yourself at his show at Southside on January 30th. I promise it will be wilder than any frat party you’ve ever been to.

9. Penthouse Penthouse – When it Rains (w/ Stwo)
PP and Stwo are two of my favorite artists. Penthouse Penthouse makes the type of groovy tracks that will get ya girl’s (or boy’s) clothes off without even having to lift a finger. I’m talkin’ such juicy jams that even Justin Timberlake and The Weeknd get jelly. Also not to mention Stwo – this little French dude who’s come up is unstoppable. His magic touch will take any song to the next level. This track specifically is a unique love child from the two artists that will whisk you away, so turn this up and tune out.

10. Niykee Heaton – Rain Dog
I don’t know much about this female vocalist // male fantasy girlfriend but a friend of mine introduced me to her and regardless of her Instafame, her voice is absolutely stunning and that deserves some serious recognition. I like her most recent, “Rain Dog,” and I hope this goddess sees good things come her way in 2015.

11. Pham – Movements feat. Yung Fusion
Here’s another recommendation from another best friend of mine, which happens to be a pretty international track. The beats provided by Pham flew all the way from Poland straight to your ear drums, meanwhile the rhymes by Yung Fusion were produced in the Cayman Islands. Can you feel the heat the two of them create together? Dope.

12. Spencer Joles – Law Low (feat. Nazeem) [Prod. by Spencer Joles] I really want to emphasize this track right here real quick: so Spencer Joles comes from a family of incredibly talented musicians, so it makes me *so* excited to watch Joles here grow as an artist. This newcomer in the hip hop game comes from Minneapolis, which explains his Chicago rap sound, for those of you who could hear a little bit of that Chance or Vic in his rhymes. His full length album is available on his Soundcloud so be sure to check it out because it’s got an impressive variety of styles on there, and it’s a great listen.

13. Diversa – Do You (Braden Bailey Bootleg)
Heard this remix on a What So Not mixtape a few months ago and had been searching for it ever since, so lemme tell ever since the day I finally located this gem on the internet, I’ve listened to it almost day since. Give it one play all the way through and you’ll understand why.

14. BØRNS – 10,000 Emerald Pools
It’s becoming clear that LA based artist BØRNS is quickly becoming a trending name in the music world. His debut single, which I’ve provided you with here today, is an impossibly catchy, feel good jam. Some fun facts about BØRNS you can whip out in front of your hipster friends at parties to impress them (c/o the LA Times)? Well, the artist wrote his latest EP while living in an apt he referred to as a “treehouse,” was a paid musician at 10 years old, and filmed his music video for this very track while submersed upside in water. Good thing most singers have a solid lung capacity, right?

15. Fink – Walking in the Sun (PANG! Slow Things Down Mix)
Decided to top off this month’s mix with this chill house track from Swedish producer (of course!), PANG!. This track is a perfect one to get lost in any time of the day: in the morning when you’re waking up while wearing a big plush robe, sipping coffee and dancing around your room; while you’re cooling down from an afternoon run and need a little groove to keep your heart beat up; or while driving ’round town at the end of the day, looking at your significant other or best friend in the passenger seat, their profile outlined by the fiery sunset in the background. Find a better opportunity to listen to it? Please, share your discoveries with me 🙂

Until next time!

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