Sophomore student publishes first book

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Melanie Rosin entered college with a goal: to have her first book published before she graduated. Just a few months into her second year, the SMU sophomore and poet has done just that.

Rosin’s debut book of poetry, “Four Feet from the Surface,” was published by Neo Literari Press and is now available on

Rosin based the poetry collection on a quotation from Shakespeare’s King Lear about finding the good in even the saddest situations.

“Through any kind of experience, even a sad one, the truth can be beautiful,”Rosin said. “It is how we understand, accept, grow, and mature.”

Rosin wrote the poems in her book between the ages of 16 and 18, and has spent her time since then finalizing her pieces and working with publishers.

An accounting and English double major from Houston, Texas, Rosin has always enjoyed poetry.

She started writing creatively at a young age with her elementary school’s writer’s circle.

“Growing up, whenever I faced a difficult situation or something I didn’t understand, I would turn to writing to put it all to words on paper,” said Rosin.

Rosin calls her poetic style one that is in touch with the human condition.

She looks to everything from personal experience to artwork for inspiration.

“I draw my inspiration from anything I observe or encounter that sits with me a certain way,” she said.

Rosin said it feels great to have her book published.

“To be able to see the finished product of something I have put a lot of time and effort into is really exciting and meaningful for me,” Rosin said.

Rosin never expected to have a book published so soon.

But now that she has, she hopes to have another book published in the next few years.

As for now, Rosin is experiencing success with her first poetry collection.

Just a few days after publication, her book is already making waves in the literary world.

One Amazon reviewer, Alicia Gaber said, “Four Feet From the Surface was a beautiful read and a moving experience.”

While another reviewer, Alanna McAuley, added, “Rosin demonstrates skill with ‘Four Feet From the Surface,’ and has certainly earned her place among new writers to keep an eye on.”

Rosin has advice for other students looking to publish a book: start publishing pieces now, do your research, and never be afraid to hear, “no.”

You’ll most likely hear “no” many times before you hear “yes,” so don’t be discouraged when do you.

Rosin hopes to be a lawyer and plans to go to law school after graduating from SMU.

But through it all, she will continue to write.

“Writing has always been a creative outlet for me and served as my mechanism for making sense of the world,” she explained.

Aside from writing poetry, Rosin stays busy with her many involvements.

She’s a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority, the Director of Publications at the John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies, and volunteers with Habitat for Humanity. 

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