LISTEN: Southern Gentlemen wow crowd in final spring performance

By Sammie Oliva

Listen below for an audio slideshow of the concert. If you’re on a mobile device, listen here.

The members of Southern Gentlemen, SMU’s oldest A Capella group, put on a noteworthy performance in Meadows’ Lobby Tuesday evening. In khaki pants and dapper blazers, 13 of the gentlemen gathered in front of the Bob Hope Theatre to show off their vocal abilities to an eager crowd.

If you’re disappointed you missed it, there’s good news! The group is gearing up for these new songs to hit iTunes on their upcoming album. After four years in the making, the SoGents and their fans are excited for its release. Though the name is still a work in progress, renditions of popular songs like Talk Dirty have solidified a spot on the album.

“We have been working on an album for the last four years,” said Kellam Witherington, the former president of Southern Gentlemen. “We’re still working on the title, but we think it might be called B600, which is actually the name of the room we practice in here in Meadows.”

The members of Southern Gentlemen are no strangers to the SMU campus. For the past seven years this group has performed at the groundbreaking ceremony for the George W. Bush Presidential Library, SMU Board of Trustees Dinner, Family Weekend Talent Show, Pigskin Revue, SMU Celebration of Lights as well as many other events in the DFW area. They generally present two big concerts each year, one of which took place on Tuesday.

“I’ve seen the Southern Gentlemen perform a few times and they always do an awesome job,” said senior SMU student Meagan Manian. “Last night was no exception, I loved hearing the new songs.”

Senior members, like Witherington, are nearing the end of their journey and passing the torch to incoming SMU students. If you’re interested in joining the group, auditions are held each Fall and as needed in the Spring. If you aren’t blessed with a beautiful voice, keep an eye out for their performances on campus and their second iTunes debut. Luckily, listening doesn’t require any type of talent.

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Photo credit: Sammie Oliva



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