Stage Rush brings in performances from SMU students

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“Check it!” Nick Cains warmed up the crowd as MC introducing a variety of acts at the TREAT talent show, Stage Rush.

The floor of the Hughes-Trigg Student Center Commons had been opened to reveal a dance floor and stage Friday night.

Lights programmed to change along with the flow of instruments and microphones hung from the second floor balcony and outlined the dance floor for the performers. Friends, fellow artists and curious wanderers littered the floor munching on pizza and cheering on the various acts.

The first up was Matthew Bolaños who took first place in the Family Weekend talent show with his Poi spinning. Friday, he spun his brightly colored flags and light sticks to the beat of a dance number and Lady Gaga. Bolaños has done Poi for two years and said the reason why he continues is because he enjoys “[the] people watching and [entertaining] other people.”

Next up was a band with Evan Kasper on guitar, Peter Whitcubure on bass and Alex Carter on drums. Kasper dedicated “this one to the ladies” as the band played “Ice Cream Man.”

Later, playing along with a backtrack, Kasper went into a guitar solo.

Carly Bender changed the pace with an impressive baton routine to Relient K’s song “High of 75.”

J Spear, another veteran from the Family Weekend talent show, had the crowd moving in their seats with his beats and electric piano. A unique act during the night was a native Ethiopian dance done by Aden Abiye.

Abiye said dancing is her passion.

“When you move you get happy inside with the beat,” she said. “And my mom used to dance.”

Closing up the performances, Jason James, a local Dallas comedian, had everyone laughing with his take on things from money and picking up girls to his fear of prison. Once the votes were tallied the first and second place winners were announced. Coming in second was Bender, winning $100.

“I was amazed by that!” Bender said afterwards, mentioning how she was planning to put the money towards her birthday on Sunday.

Taking first place and a prize of $200 was J Spear with his producing act.

“[I] didn’t see this coming at all,” he said, “I was shocked.”

Spear has already received many offers to DJ for parties and various events.

“I think I’m going to use the money for new speakers,” he said of his prize money.

At the end of the night, TREAT President Trigg Burrage was happy with the outcome.

“I was concerned at first because only two people had the courage [to participate, but] then all those people signed up,” he said.

The entire show was recorded and will be posted on TREAT’s YouTube page.

Trigg also said there is now a new focus, comedy and spoken word, for the next Open Mic Night on Oct. 28.

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