Students, alumni star in local play

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“Playtime” will be performed nightly Nov. 16 through Nov. 17 at 10 p.m.Photo credit: Ben Ohene!.

Halloween may be over, but the dark spirit of the holiday is making a comeback on stage.

The show “Playtime” explores the idea of what people will do to hold on to their happiness in the face of oppression.

The play, which opened Nov. 7, follows the story of a man who finds himself unable to find happiness despite being constantly surrounded by happy things.

Just as he starts to find happiness, a sinister dark force challenges him by ripping it away.

In the face of overwhelming oppression, the hero must continue his fight for happiness in this funny, heartwarming and unnerving story.

“Playtime” even features a climatic hyper martial pillow fight.

SMU graduate Jeff Colangelo, also the play’s writer, director and actor, describes the scene as “an incredibly martial, dynamic and violent fight scene where the only weapons the fighters use are pillows.”

The dynamic and violent scene, “is guaranteed to leave audiences wanting more,” he said.

Another notable element of this performance is that the entire show is performed without words.

In addition to no verbal language, limited props are used.

“The only props and set pieces that exist in the show are a box, balloons, bubble wrap and pillows,” Colangelo said.

The stage production stars Jonah Gutierrez, current SMU students Mickey Giles and Kaysy Ostrom, and several SMU alumni, including Adam A. Anderson and Jeff Colangelo.

Costumes are by SMU alumna Marika Wynne, who graduated in 2012 as a dance major. The music designer, Sammy Rios, graduated from SMU in 2013 with a degree in theater.

“Playtime” is not Colangelo’s first time writing.

The writer, director and actor wrote two previously successful shows at SMU, “Galatea” and “Prism.”

Performances are scheduled to take place Thursday through Nov. 17 at 10 p.m. following “Angels, Inc.” at Magnolia Lounge at Fair Park.

Tickets are $10 and can be bought in advance at Tickets will also be available for purchase one hour before show time at the box office.

For more information, please call 407-766-9368 or visit

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