Students raise awareness about sexual assault

Not on My Campus (NOMC) is a student led organization that helps raise awareness for sexual assault and has weekly meetings on Sundays at 5 P.M. at the Hughes-Trigg center. Whether people are aware of it or not, sexual assault is a common issue across universities.

“Right before my Freshman year was the Brock Turner case, so that was a big reason for me to be like okay this is something I care about,” said Sarah Subramanian, Vice President of Internal Affairs.

Members joined NOMC for unique reasons. While some join because they have been survivors or know someone who has been sexually assaulted, some students just want to be a resource for other students and support Not on My Campus.

NOMC meetings hold discussions about what each committee does and what activities members plan to do in the future. NOMC events like the Teal Game and Photo Days helps spread more awareness to our campus and others across the nation.