Sushi-lovers, your favorite rolls are moving closer to campus.

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In Dallas, it’s hard to get many places by foot. Other than Snider Plaza or the typical Hillcrest spots, walking-distance dining is limited.

Sushi enthusiasts will be happy to hear that a new restaurant, SushiFork, is set to open next month, and will be just a 15-minute walk from SMU campus across Central Expressway, between Torchy’s Tacos and Barley House.

With only one other location in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this spot will offer Dallas residents a creative take on sushi. Local franchiser Todd Kunstler is spearheading projects to bring sushi dreams to life.

At SushiFork, you can pick your own roll, similar to Which-Wich or Chipotle-style ordering, but for sushi. This American take on the popular Japanese cuisine includes such unconventional ingredient options as strawberry filling or bacon toppings.

The location will also feature their sushi-burrito on the menu, which is exactly what it sounds like. Customers can pick from combinations of fish and toppings to be rolled up in rice paper and served up burrito-style.

Many restaurants have opened up at this location in the past, such as Bahn Shop and SPIN! Pizza, who both both closed their doors last year. Verts Mediterranean occupied SushiFork’s future spot for only six months. SushiFork may be the restaurant to break this unfortunate trend.

Any sushi concoction customers can think of won’t exceed $15 at this location, making it an affordable dining option for students. SushiFork is set to open by May 2018. For any questions, send them a tweet!

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