The Fray brings showcase talent in Dallas

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The Fray and American Authors took the stage on Oct. 30 at the House of Blues Dallas for their 10-year anniversary tour of their album “How to Save a Life.” This tour marks a landmark achievement for The Fray as they begin their second decade of entertaining together as a band.

Photo credit: The Fray Facebook

American Authors, a Brooklyn-based band, opened the concert and set the standards high for the rest of the show. The lead singer, Zac Barnett, energized the crowd with their current hits, such as “Believer” and “Best Day of My Life.” The band confessed that they were opening for one of their favorite artists ever, The Fray.

The Denver-based band electrified the stage immediately with their 2009 hit “You Found Me.” Over the next two hours, The Fray showcased their large collection of music, from the beginning of their roots of “How to Save a Life” (2005) all the way to songs from their most recent release, “Helios” (2014). Halfway through the set, Joe King, the lead singer and front man, dismissed half of the band to perform a “living room style” acoustic set. This set demonstrated the beginnings of The Fray in a Denver garage and included acoustic versions on various hits, including Kanye West’s “Heartless.” After chants for an encore, the band closed with their first single for which received international success, “Over My Head (Cable Car).” The Fray plans to release a new album in 2017.

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