The future is clear at the Dallas Psychic Fair

Over 60 spiritual readers and vendors offered supernatural services at the Dallas Psychic Fair on Nov. 9 at the Dallas Events Center.

“We’re supporting your personal growth into the world through healthier means,” Dallas Psychic Fair owner Cheryl Andrea said.

Andrea is a practicing psychic who believes that everyone has intuition, but only certain people know how to use it. She also believes that everyone has the ability to use their intuition with practice.

“We’re all intuitive, I just know how to use it,” Andrea said.

psychic fair 3.JPG
Aura photos at the Dallas Psychic Fair Photo credit: Kristen Romano

The Dallas Psychic Fair began in 1979 and its 40th anniversary will occur next month.

“After now 40 years, we have a really strong community presence,” Andrea said.

Readers and vendors from the Dallas area participated in the event. The fair included psychic and medium readings, tarot cards, jewelry, bath and body products, shocker balancing, aura photos, massage, reflexology, astrology, food and more.

The readers must go through an interview process and have a full-time private practice to be featured in the fair. All readings at the fair are 15 minutes long and cost $20.

“I’m looking for them to stay on time, to give maximum value of information in that 15 minutes, to speak non-denominationally, to be compassionate, to be a good listener,” Andrea said.

Fair attendee Karen Smith had visited the fair 30 years ago and received a successful reading that revealed a lot about her future life.

“30 years ago, I had someone in 15 minutes tell me my life,” Smith said.

Smith does not fully believe in psychics and returned to the fair with family this year.

“I probably sit right on the fence between believing and skeptic,” Smith said.

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Bracelets for sale at the Dallas Psychic Fair Photo credit: Kristen Romano

Featured jewelry vendor Pamela Dailey has a passion for making bracelets based upon nature, science and magic. She believes that she has gift for the art.

“[Jewelry making is] one of my gifts that I’m meant to share,” Dailey said.

Featured psychic and tarot card reader Suzenn Galiardi began her practice 20 years ago in Dallas.

“I was really interested in astrology and I had a different way of looking at religion and things so I just kind of drifted into it,” Galiardi said.

Some people, like Galiardi, do not choose to use their intuition until later in life.

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Layout of the Dallas Psychic Fair Photo credit: Kristen Romano

Andrea said that everyone is born with a gift but not everyone chooses to use it. Also, some people are too distracted with the world around them to access their own intuition.

“You have direct access to something greater than you, intuition is the vehicle or the access to it,” Andrea said.