“The Sparrow” kicks off opening night

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The Sparrow
Sparrow students bust out into song Photo credit: Natalie Scott

Despite being postponed one night due to weather, opening night of Meadows Division of Theater’s “The Sparrow”, the show still managed to turn out about a 100-person audience.

The play, by Chris Matthews, Jake Minton and Nathan Allen, takes place in the small farm town of Spring Farm, Illinois. Seventeen-year-old Emily Book comes back to town after being away for 10 years. Emily struggles to fit in to the town she left so long ago. Not only is she now the only living member of her family but she also has a power. A magical power. It is up to her to use this force within herself to save the community.

“Life has pain in store for all of us… there’s no need in running towards it,” Emily says. She is wise beyond her years but for a reason that keeps the audience curious.

The playwrights left the script open to interpretation with the intension that the director and cast could make it their own.

Set Designer Darren Diggle describes the production as “organic”. Diggle was on set every day during rehearsal to see where the play took itself. He was there to make changes as they were called for.

“We would run into obstacles but it makes it challenging and fun,” he says.

Because of this freedom of dialogue and scenery, many of the cast members are able to play multiple characters throughout the play.

“The actors and actresses simply kiss the limits of the characters that they are playing. They do not go too deep,” Diggle says.

“My favorite part was when Emily… oh wait, I probably shouldn’t give it away!” Senior Erin Nelson says of the play.

Find out what Emily Book’s magical power is before it is too late. “The Sparrow” will be playing in SMU’s Greer Garson Theater from now until March 1st.

For more event information visit: http://mcs.smu.edu/calendar/node/1099.

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