The Wind and The Wave amaze Dallas crowd

The Wind and the Wave performed to a crowd at the House of Blues in Dallas. Photo credit: Christina Cox

Austin-based The Wind and The Wave opened its Raising Hell Tour Oct. 4 at the Cambridge Room at House of Blues Dallas; and let me tell you, they did not disappoint.

The duo took the stage with confidence, passion and a little pizzazz, playing a mix of covers and original music off their debut album. The intimate crowd was hooked as soon as the band strummed on its guitars and began its set.

“We were still working out the kinks, but it was a blast,” the duo said of Dallas’ concert on its Facebook page.

For those of you unfamiliar with the band, The Wind and the Wave consists of Dwight Baker, “The Wind,” and Patricia Lynn, “The Wave.”

The two met back in 2009 when Baker attended a friend’s band’s concert where Lynn’s previous band was the opening act. Baker said Lynn’s voice was the best in the band. He expressed interest in working with her and the rest is history.

The two released their debut album “From the Wreckage” last year with RCA Records.

The Wind and The Wave’s website describes its music as music that “encompasses everything form indie-folk, to alternative, to blues-rock to Southern psychedelia.”

And frankly, I couldn’t agree more. The Wind and The Wave cannot be pigeonholed into one genre, because its music incorporates aspects of several different groupings to create its unique sound and tracks.

The two are a songwriting powerhouse, creating tunes with catchy beats and clever lyrics coming from authentic personal experiences. Lynn described them as “words from her diary” on stage.

The Wind and The Wave are not all business though – they love to laugh and get the crowd involved in its fun. Lynn pokes fun at Baker and vice versa. It is easy to see the closeness and realness in their friendship on stage.

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite song from the night as the band impressed with each one it performed.

From catchy, hand-clapping “My Mama Said Find a Place to Lay Your Head” to heartfelt, jazzy “A Husband and Wife Should Sleep Together,” the band captivated the crowd and left them begging for more.

The band’s covers of popular hits did not disappoint either. The Wind and The Wave’s cover of R. Kelly’s 2003 “Ignition” was the best I have heard to date. It was the perfect ending to a brilliant show.

I must also add that Lynn’s voice is unlike any other. I honestly think she sounds better live than on her tracks, which is rare in this-day-in-age of auto-tuned vocals and over-the-top background noise.

So my loyal readers, I encourage you all to listen to The Wind and The Wave’s latest album from start to finish. You will not be disappointed.

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