‘Thor’ sequel makes strong debut

Film Review Thor The Dark World
This publicity photo released by Walt Disney Studios and Marvel shows Tom Hiddleston, left, and Chris Hemsworth in a scene from “Thor: The Dark World.” (AP Photo/Walt Disney Studios/Marvel)


If you’re looking for a fun, action packed adventure film then “Thor: The Dark World” is a must see.

Sequel to the 2011 film “Thor,” this film has made quite the debut in theaters.

The film is directed by Alan Taylor, produced by Marvel and distributed by Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures.

Since its release Nov. 8, “Thor: The Dark World” opened with a strong $86.1 million domestic gross (a 31 percent increase from the 2011 original) and has already grossed $327 million worldwide, nearly 75 percent of that stemming from overseas markets.

In “Thor: The Dark World,” Thor is faced with what might be one of his most dangerous missions as he is forced to face long time enemy Malekith, leader of the Dark Elves.

Malekith fought with Thor’s grandfather thousands of years ago when he tried to send the universe into darkness by using the power of a weapon known as the Aether.

The warriors of Asgard successfully hid the Aether and Malekith disappeared, admitting temporary defeat.

Years later, Jane Foster still awaits the return of Thor and while doing so finds a gravitational anomaly in London.

She gets sucked into a wormhole where she finds the Aether and it takes her body as a host to manifest its power. As soon as this happens, Malekith and his army of Dark Elves are awakened.

Thor returns to earth to see Foster and, upon discovering she is infected with the power of the Aether, he takes her back to Asgard.

Sensing the presence of the Aether in the universe once again, Malekith and his army set out to find it and attack the kingdom of Asgard.

Thor is faced with the challenge of saving Foster’s life before the Aether consumes her while also protecting her the kingdom of Asgard and the entire world essentially, from the fury of Malekith’s army.

Due to certain circumstances that arise, Thor is forced to trust his brother Loki once again on his quest to save the world.

If the plot isn’t enough to grab your attention, the film is also packed with talented and good-looking actors.

Chris Hemsworth takes the part of handsome and strong Thor while Natalie Portman plays his love interest, the charismatic, nerdy scientist Foster.

Loki, Thor’s snarky, deceiving brother is played by Tom Hiddleston.

Despite having tendencies to be the bad guy, you just can’t help but love Hiddleston as Loki.

“Two Broke Girls” star Kat Dennings offers up some comedic relief throughout the film as Portman’s sassy and sarcastic intern Darcy.

And Anthony Hopkins is perfect as Odin, king of Asgard and father of Thor and Loki.

In fact, the film may not have worked as well as it did had it not been for its cast.

It still might not be one of the best franchises to come from the Marvel Universe, but “Thor: The Dark World” offers the kind of action and comedy that audiences have come to love.

So if you’re looking to entertain yourself for an hour, nearly two, why not?

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