Throw the perfect Super Bowl party

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If there is any reason to throw a party, the Super Bowl is it. What other day can sports fans and non-fans join together for some food, fun and laughs?

Throwing the perfect party and being the envy of all your friends may seem daunting to some, but following a few simple guidelines can help anyone throw a bash that’s going to put a smile on all their friends’ faces!

Remember the most important thing when planning a party is whether or not people will be talking about it the next day. Just kidding.

But seriously, the most important thing at any Super Bowl party are your guests.
The party is for them and it is your job to keep them entertained. Each person must leave knowing that they have had the best time possible regardless of whether their team wins or loses.

Although most people think everyone’s attention will be on the game and hosting duties are not that important, it is actually quite the opposite.

True sports fans will notice all the extra attention that you pay them. Therefore, it is important to properly plan your party and then to execute every step of your plan to avoid any major snags. 

Don’t forget if you need any help organizing the big day just ask a friend.  I’m sure they would be willing to help you.

If you do ask your friends for help make sure that they feel as though they are making a difference in the party’s outcome.  Also, choose people for different tasks based on what their individual strengths are.  If one of your friends is good with cooking, ask them to make a seven-layer dip for the event. If another friend is good at interior design, ask them to put up sports decorations.

Below is a list of things to consider when planning the perfect party:

Guest List
Select guests who you think will get along. The last thing you need at a party is tension and people who don’t like each other.  Invite a few people beyond the number you have in mind, because it’s better to have more people attend a party, than nobody at all.  A good number for a Super Bowl party is around 15.  Send out invites in advance so everyone has a chance to fit your party into their calendars. If you’re pressed for time, make your party extra fun and invite, invite, invite!

Create a menu to fit your party.  Sit down and plan how much food you want to prepare or purchase.  No Super Bowl party is complete without chili, hot dogs, buffalo wings, chips, and a variety of dips among other selections. Unlike most parties where you want to use your best china, Super Bowl parties are best when everything is disposable and unbreakable.  That way when your guest’s react to sports plays, nothing will get broken.

Decide how much alcohol you need for the party. Since most people just stock a few bottles of their favorite liquors, your guests will know not to request anything too exotic.   Remember you do not have to have many kinds of alcohol to have a good party.  Also have a variety of sodas for the non-drinkers, the underage, the drivers or any others not wishing to partake in alcoholic beverages.

Parting gifts
To add a special touch to any party, make a gift for your guests to take home with them just like they do at the Hollywood parties.  This gift can be anything, as simple as a little gift bag with some of the recipes, which you made for them to eat. Or sports memorabilia that can hold a picture frame from a photo that night.      .  
Parties for those on a budget or without time

An easy way to organize a Super Bowl party on a budget is to make it a ‘potluck’ and have all your guests bring their own dishes.  This not only cuts down on your preparation time but also helps you keep a tight hand on your pocket book.  You can also ask your friends to help with the decorations.

With these simple hints any party is sure to delight and I look forward to receiving your invite!

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