Weird stuff I heard at ACL

“I was a part of the Red Hot Chili Peppers… jump rope team in first grade.”

“How do I get on the Snapchat feed?!”

“Hold my hand and pretend like we’re lesbians-those girls are doing it. Never mind. I don’t like this.”

“She dropped her shersher.” ?

“Wow, what is this porcupine thing?” It was a plant.

“Why am I sticky?”

“You should go up to Eminem and say, ‘I really identify with your lyrics about not knowing your own strength because I broke a toilet flusher this morning.'”

“Magic Lazer. He’s the best guy ever.”

“Is that a balloon or the moon?” *clearly a balloon*

“I’m into you, but my drunkness is taking over.”

“ACL, let’s get sweaty!” – Phantogram

“Life is too short to live in Dallas.”

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