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If you’re a student at SMU, chances are you spent some time in a residential commons. Each is different and each has its own benefits. Commons pride is very real and students have been known to stay in their room longer than the required two years. What make the commons so unique are the positives that each can bring. To prepare those incoming students that haven’t stepped foot inside their new homes yet, this is a list of some of the benefits of being in each.


Armstrong and Crum have the benefit of being a part of the newest residential commons. What makes them special however, are their locations among them. The buildings are on the end and are the closest to the rest of campus. Armstrong is right across from the gym and an easy walk to Arnold, one of SMU’s best dining options. Crum is on the other side and is only a crosswalk away from a myriad of stores and restaurants.


Boaz is all about location. It’s the commons closest to the middle of campus and is right next to just about everything you need. It’s next to the business school, boulevard and pool all at the same time. It’s a great spot and has plenty to offer its lucky residents.


The trio of commons has some of the best features on campus. Most notably, their connection to the infamous eatery “Mac’s Place.” There’s nothing better than wanting to go snag a burger and only needing to walk out your front door. Morrison-McGinnis, or more commonly called ‘MoMac,’ has its own specialty as well: suite-style bathrooms. One of the most coveted dorm attributes, suite-style bathrooms means that instead of hurrying down the hall and sharing a shower with everyone on your floor, you get to just open the door in your room and split it with just your roommates.

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These three make up the rest of the “new dorms,” and have all the bells and whistles to show for it. The modern rooms and buildings make for terrific living conditions and anyone that finds themselves in these commons should consider himself or herself incredibly lucky. With a large quad that often hosts some great events, there is hardly anything to complain about.

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This collection of residences is extremely close-knit. They all sit next to each other and enjoy a brand new quad and health center right under their noses. They often find themselves participating in fun commons traditions and some also experience the lusted after suite-style bathrooms. The grouping is definitely in the upper tier of on-campus living.


The lone wolf of dorms, Virgina-Snider has the benefit of being right next to two very important things: a parking lot and the well known eatery “Umph,” which of course is short for Umphrey Lee. It’s one of the most popular destinations on campus to socialize and grab some grub, so living next door is a pretty great feature. And a parking lot speaks for itself. SMU is very much a campus made for walking so being able to store your vehicle right next to your room is a blessing of the highest degree.

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