World Music Ensemble releases Meadows’ first album

SMU’s World Music Ensemble became the first musical group from Meadows to release an album in November 2018.

Donya is a nine-track album available on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon. However, World Music Ensemble Director Jamal Mohamed, says he would like to look into making the album available on a new format.

“People are listening to vinyl again,” said Mohamed. “I think that’s really cool. I would like to actually put this album on vinyl.”

Donya, which encompasses traditional music from all over the world, can appeal to many different music tastes.

“There’s a Serbian tune, Bulgarian, Greek, Egyptian, and Mexican,” Mohamed said. “We really wanted to include a Mexican tune since we’re in Texas.”

Mohamed says he believes that music can help audiences all over the world to be more open-minded.

“I think music does bring people together if they let it,” Mohamed said.