‘Zoolander 2’ will blue steel your heart

Despite the high expectations and pressure to live up to the original, “Zoolander 2” did not disappoint. Ben Stiller brought the same ridiculous humor, paid homage to the original film and Will Ferrell remains the funniest man alive.

The biggest names in music are being assassinated and the only similarity is the look on their faces in their final moments – Blue Steel. But Derek Zoolander has left society to live in Extreme North New Jersey after losing his family. But when Derek and Hansel are invited to the same fashion show in Rome, Derek is determined to get his son back.

After uncovering a Divinci Code-esque conspiracy, Derek and Hansel team up with the INTERPOL Fashion Police to save the fashion world once again.

If you loved “Zoolander,” its sequel gives you something you didn’t even know you were missing. “Zoolander 2” is riding on the original’s coattails – but that coat is couture and everyone is still laughing. The film pokes fun at everything in the fashion industry, from transgender to plus-size models to the split-second lifecycle of trends. If you get easily offended, maybe skip it. But if you want a good laugh or ten buy your ticket now.

With cameos to die for throughout the movie the level of parody is on a new level. If you don’t know every name in fashion don’t worry, you’ll still get the jokes. It’s the reason why we still watch the original over and over again despite it being released almost 15 years ago.

Another part of the movie that never gets old is the villain. That’s right, Will Ferrell is back as the evil fashion genius Jacobin Mugatu and he’s determined to destroy the man who ruined him – Derek Zoolander. Ferrell and Kristen Wiig team up as a crazy fashion house duo that wants to destroy all of fashion’s biggest names and find the fountain of youth.

Mugatu’s final roast of fashion is probably the hardest I’ve laughed this year. It’s one-liner after one-liner of clever digs at fashion’s biggest names from Tommy Hilfiger to Alexander Wang. He even takes a shot at fashion’s Ice Queen, Anna Wintour, who fires back because she’s still the queen.

Overall this movie brings plenty laughs and fond memories of the original but it’s not some revolutionary film. “Zoolander 2” is better than you might be expecting and perfect for easy laughs. The film is low in nutritional value but it doesn’t matter because why are you going to “Zoolander 2” for nutritional value? You’re going to watch really really ridiculously good-looking people who also happen to be really really ridiculously funny.

“Zoolander 2” is the movie the world didn’t know it needed, but thank the fashion gods that it was made.

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