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Welcome back, football


Congratulations to our football program! Thanks to our 26-21 victory over Tulane this past Saturday, we are now guaranteed a bowl game. For the first time in 25 years, we actually have a team to root for; a team to support. Over the past few years, it seems li... More »

A shocking reality


Over the past few years, a shocking trend has occurred that threatens everyone on this planet. I am not talking about gas prices nor am I discussing global warming. I’m referring to the over fishing of sharks that are driving many species towards extinction. I... More »

The horror in your store


There are some scary things out there like the dark, bugs, and serial killers; however, the truly scary things are the people you see at the store that make you want to go, “What in the world is wrong with you?” You can’t help but stare at those people who app... More »

The Favre legacy lives on


Monday Night Football has always been the spectacle of the football week. Some of the best games have been played on primetime in front of the nation. However, no one would have predicted that Brett Favre, an absolute legend in the sport, would be able to play... More »

A trip to the Farmers Market


As a member of Students for a Better Society, I get a chance to help make a difference in our world, whether it is in human rights, health, animal rights, or the environment. Our chief goal is to make everything better than it started out; sometimes to achieve... More »

NFL teams to watch


As the first two weeks of the season come to a close, some teams are already starting to establish themselves while others falter at the high expectations of others. There have been many surprises already; some teams that never made the playoffs before are now... More »

Facebook: Twitter 2.0


After a busy afternoon, I decided to chill out, watch the Sunday night football game, and check up on Facebook to see if anything exciting happened to anyone of my high school friends. As I scan the news feed, I was in shock of what I saw. I actually felt over... More »