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The destructive force of cable news


Conservatives, stop watching Fox News. Liberals, stop watching MSNBC. There may be great money for news organizations in telling people what they want to hear, but political activists can do no greater disservice to their cause than surrounding themselves with... More »


At The Rustic, a uniquely Texan restaurant experience


  The Rustic is a restaurant that could only exist in Texas. From the decor and ambience to the food, beer and live music, a meal or drink there is a truly Texan experience. Owned in part by Texas country music legend Pat Green, with a menu conceived by Dallas... More »

Learn to enjoy better beers


This past weekend I took my first ever trip to Austin. I know, it’s crazy that I’ve been going to SMU for four years and haven’t been to Austin until now, but I love Dallas and never saw a reason to leave. So why did I finally get to Austin? This was basically... More »