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Rejecting the cultural tourist


Written by: Michael Graves Contributing Writer mwgraves@smu.edu As social technology and economic interaction increases and transcends national boundaries, developed society has placed a greater focus on “globalization.” This concept has birthed a cultural shi... More »

Muslim hero promotes Western ideals


Written by: Abigail Foster Contributing Writer abigailf@smu.edu   Last week Marvel announced it will soon roll out a comic book featuring a young Muslim girl named Kamala Khan, who moonlights as a superhero. According to the comic book company, the new series ... More »

A thanks to my father


Written by: Trevor Thrall Opinion Editor tthrall@smu.edu   A few days ago, I called my dad with the news that I had backed into someone’s car. I was a nervous wreck, so scared of disappointing him or giving the impression that I didn’t care about how much mone... More »

Top 10 tips for men to avoid committing rape


Written by: Audrey Gill Contributing Writer aegill@smu.edu   There has been an explosion of discussion about rape and rape culture following an increase in the reported sexual assaults on campus. The focus of these conversations: women. More specifically, what... More »

Student reflects on life of influential teacher


Written by: Demetrio Teniente Sports Editor dteniente@smu.edu   I’ve lost people before. Never anyone particularly close, though. I’ve grieved the losses of others. I’ve also grieved the loss of local celebrities. It wasn’t until last week that I came to know ... More »

Defensive living is about prevention, not blame


Written By: Stephen Forrest Guest Writer sforrest@smu.edu America is a blame culture. We obsess over assigning blame for situations that really have no one to blame. We direct blame not based on the facts but based on our prejudices, our politics and our selfi... More »

An open letter to Kirby Wiley


Written By: SUSAN HARPER Guest Writer susanharperteaches@gmail.com Dear Ms. Wiley, I am writing to you today on behalf of all the young women you know who have been sexually assaulted. I realize you may not know that you know women who have survived sexual ass... More »