Increasing sleep deprivation rates harm students’ health

An estimated 33 percent of college students get sufficient sleep while school is in session—meaning the majority of student are sleep deprived. But if students don’t snooze, they could lose more than they would expect. Here is the truth about what happens to the body when one doesn’t get enough sleep, starting from the first night.

MS Awareness Week spotlights Dallas-based research

Local MS experts revolutionizing diagnosis and treatment for the chronic autoimmune disease are speaking out about their groundbreaking research to gain support for the National MS Society during MS Awareness Week, March 3 – 9, 2014. Among the researchers making headlines is SMU physiologist Scott Davis.

Alarming studies show prescription drug abuse on the rise

Shocking results from several studies show an explosion of prescription drug abuse among young adults and teens. Awareness about this growing problem on college campuses brings new attention to an ongoing problem. What college students need to know about the risks and dangers of prescription drugs such as opiates and sedatives commonly abused by young people.