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SMU’s best political minds give election predictions


Three of Southern Methodist University’s top political minds gave their election predictions Thursday at a Faculty Club luncheon entitled, “Election Day and Beyond: Blue Skies or Storm Clouds.” Dedman College Professor of Political Science Cal Jillson, Dedman ... More »

BLOG: West Dallas faces educational disparities


Area high school L.G. Pinkston faces a battle against the numbers. Almost 80 percent of students are “economically disadvantaged,” while more than three quarters of students are “at risk,” according to the Texas Tribune. Only 19.1 percent are proficient in “li... More »

We all should want CHIA


Amid the hubbub surrounding the Student Senate vote in favor of an LGBT senate seat, an important resolution sneaked its way to passage Tuesday. Student Senate voted to publicly support the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act, or CHIA. CHIA is a federal ... More »