Southern Millionaire’s University — Are we contributing to the stereotype?

SMU is famous for its attractive campus, beautiful people, expensive tuition, and privileged students. This reputation can easily be misinterpreted and intimidate potential students. However, in reality, the only people who really understand the culture of SMU and are capable of verifying or rejecting these stereotypes are current students and alumni. Anyone else is simply not credible.

First year SMU incorporates virtual components to Post Chiaroscuro exhibition

The Hawn Gallery presents the Post Chiaroscuro: Prints in Color after the Renaissance exhibition in the Hamon Arts Library until December 13. This year, SMU created a virtual element to complement the physical components of the featured artwork, providing an easily accessible and lasting look into the meta-exhibition.

Reality shows target Dallas for mass production

Reality shows have formed around the city of Dallas for the scenery, the actors, the plot, and the theme. Ben Scott, former “Bachelorette” contestant was ABC’s most recent project, as a heartthrob who schemes and is defeated. However, the final product that is our weekly entertainment is not completely or even partially the true story. We see what they want us to see.