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A.J. Jacobs talks ‘human guinea pigs’


A.J. Jacobs is hosting a family reunion, and everyone is invited. The April 1 Tate Lecture featured the Esquire Editor-at-Large and author, whose latest human guinea pig project is working with genealogists to form a global family reunion. So far, he has over ... More »

Democrats keep safe distance from Obama


The beginning of March means one thing for college students: midterms. But as SMU students head to Fondren to study for their chemistry labs and history seminars, the United States Congress heads into midterms of their own. It’s midterm election season, which ... More »

Experts, activists discuss future of abortion law


A recent Texas law bans 20-week abortions, increases facility requirements for abortion clinics and requires clinics to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. Both sides of the abortion issue weigh in on the law, which recently went to the Supreme Cou... More »


Caro talks LBJ, JFK


Though everyone has heard about the Kennedy assassination, few people have heard Vice President Lyndon Johnson's perspective. Pulitzer Prize-Winning biographer Robert A. Caro revealed Johnson's story of the 1963 shooting. More »



Five decades after the assassination of a president, Dallas reflects on its past and looks to its future More »