Zain Haidar

Take sexual assault seriously


Top down efforts to enact permanent change don’t work. When it comes to sexual assault on campus, sexual assault in the workplace or just plain sexual assault – we’re facing a systemic issue that can’t be wished away by piece-meal bureaucratization. What we’re... More »

‘Middletown’: mediocre


There are two major events in existence: birth and death. Everything in between is life, and according to Will Eno’s “Middletown,” it’s all a bit of a mess. “Middletown” – directed by senior theatre student Carson McCain – focuses on the mushy boredom of being... More »

Steve Jobs killed the TV star


I can safely declare that TV has secretly been dead for years. In fact, we’re carrying a rotting corpse into the mausoleum. TV is making its new home on your tablet device. The days of huddling around a black box, like the days of huddling around a radio liste... More »

Experimental movement play debuts at Meadows this weekend


“Galatea,” a production by Prism Movement Co., premieres tomorrow night at the Trinity Groves Warehouses. Conceived by SMU alumnus Jeffrey Colangelo and current SMU theater student Katy Tye, “Galatea” is a continuation of the movement piece Colangelo put on la... More »


SMU alum performs one-man play in North Texas


SMU alum Jack Freiberger, a 1986 Meadows graduate, finishes off the Theatre Comedy Series this weekend at the Eisemann Center in Richardson, Texas. Fry is a full time 5th grade teacher in Los Angeles, and his one-man show “They Call Me Mister Fry” tackles his ... More »

Check your stupidity


  People are stupid. We’ve known this since the beginning of recorded history. Whether it’s stepping into tar pits to see what would happen or driving in two-ton steel death traps at 70 miles an hour every day, we have a track record for being dumb. Luckily fo... More »

Meadows Dance Ensemble brings Hope to spring


Updated March 27: I have a bad track record with the performing arts. When we would watch cheap community theatre in elementary school, I struggled not to walk out in the middle, break wind or do both at the same time. Coming into college, none of that really ... More »

Texas toss-up for governor


  Texas Senator Wendy Davis and Attorney General Greg Abbott weren’t pulling rabbits out of hats Tuesday night with their respective primary wins in the race to replace Governor Rick Perry. As Fox News Politics reports, the two candidates “cruised” to their wi... More »