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Teatime on the Hill


Has the ship been emptied or do the Tea Partiers have more cargo to unload into the bay? Coming up on the 2014 midterm elections, this remains the main question for GOP faithfuls in contested districts. For the Democrats, it’s a little less clear, but one thin... More »

Academy bored


Stephen Colbert said it best at the Emmys. “Kneel before your God, Babylon!” The Oscar is the shiny, bald (albeit muscular) Buddha of Hollywood, and unfortunately, like other golden idols, it means nothing. Coming up on the 86th Academy Awards March 2 (with El... More »

Jimmy Fallon makes his mark


Jimmy Fallon smashed his way into on primetime territory this Monday after his debut as the new host of “The Tonight Show.” After 22 years of Jay Leno and his massive facial deformity (I think people call it a chin? Let me double check on that), “The Tonight S... More »

Tainted love


Love is in the air, but the sky is falling. Over the last few years, with Feb. 14 in mind specifically, we can all appreciate that affection and romance are just plain weird. Chocolates, paper hearts, feelings – what’s the real worth of all these fuddy-duddy g... More »

Remembering Philip Seymour Hoffman


Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his West Village apartment Sunday morning. At 46 -years-old, Hoffman overdosed — leaving behind a wife, three children,and scores of fans that were touched by his acting. Officers found bags of what appears to be heroin... More »

Black Friday sales rise


The holiday season is off to a solid start this year with the number of Thanksgiving weekend shoppers increasing by 1.4% or two million from 2012. According to The National Retail Federation, over [141 million unique shoppers] made their way to stores (and onl... More »

Radio Shack


Michael Phelps, Lil Jon and DJ Steve Aoki walk into a pool party. No, this isn’t the setup to a cheap joke – this is RadioShack Corp’s newest ad. In a bid to shrug off its old school reputation, the electronics retailer is rolling out a flashy ad campaign feat... More »