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Outside the bubble: Let’s procrastinate


It’s exam week and you’ve been at Fondren Library all day. Here are ways to procrastinate offline and off the Hilltop. It’s warming up outside and cooler temperatures are a long way from now, especially if you’re staying in Texas this summer. It’s not going to... More »

Drugs dominate some students’ budgets


Editors note: To protect the identity of students quoted in this article, names have been changed. Any resemblence these names may have to actual students is purely coincidental. It’s a sunny Monday morning. A girl and a guy are talking about their weekend on ... More »

Embrey continues to broaden horizons


  Educating students and members of the global community to understand, promote and defend human rights as responsible citizens of the world stands as the mission of the Embrey Human Rights Program at Southern Methodist University. SMU is one of five universit... More »