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A first-years’ look at college and SMU


A red sports backpack with a white mustang and SMU logo on it. It’s what starts it all. Every prospective student receives one of the backpacks upon their arrival at SMU for a tour of campus. As they walk through the University’s grounds, these red bags automa... More »

A lecture on happiness


English Professor Mary Esteve lectured students and faculty members about the polemics within the science of happiness Thursday afternoon at the McCrum Auditorium. The lecture was the third of four lectures in The Happiness Symposium. Esteve’s lecture, “The Po... More »

The hot and not list of SMU professors


English professor Bruce Levy sits in his underground office surrounded by papers and books. As he types away on his desktop one can’t help but notice something’s missing. His shoes. Many of his students remember Levy for his tall black socks. Others recall him... More »