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The best comedies that you’re not watching


With so much television out there, it can be hard to distinguish the good from the bad, especially when it comes to comedy. It can be even harder to find the time to sift through the endless list of choices to find a new and unique show to add to your lists of... More »

The great debate


Should marijuana be legalized? People have been debating the topic for years, and it seems to be making an impact. States like Washington and Colorado legalized recreational marijuana use, and many other states have legalized the drug for medical purposes. Sta... More »

Movie stores still alive in Dallas


In 2014, it is shocking and unexpected to have a wide access to heavily discounted movies and movie rentals in large metropolitan city like Dallas. Yet, there seems to be a fairly large number of movie stores within five minutes of campus. Premiere Video and M... More »

The Celebrity Wedding Obsession


We are obsessed with celebrity weddings. When one occurs, it is the only topic of conversation for weeks. We want to know every single detail of the event, which makes sense, considering the extravagance of the affair. Celebrities have access to the finest des... More »