Charleigh Berry

SMU bookstore fights back with Amazon prices


Most students think going to the book store for textbooks is a tribulation. Battling long lines and cramped shelves is not a fun to start a semester, especially to find out the book you bought was $200 more from the store than it was online. For Evan Webb, a s... More »


Health center policy puts class attendance at risk


Running a 102-degree fever isn’t the best way to start off a week. Sophomore Tierney Fortner woke up one morning feeling horrible and running a high fever. Fortner knew she had a busy academic week, and that she needed to see a doctor. Instead of walking over ... More »

Meadows museum to open Picasso exhibition


Looking for a piece of history to explore this summer? The Meadows Museum at Southern Methodist University will honor Pablo Picasso’s Guernica through their exhibition: Picasso’s Dream and Life of Franco: The Spanish Civil War in Print. The exhibition will be ... More »

Student senate applications close March 24


  The student senate applications to run for a position closed on Friday, March 24 at 5 p.m. There was also a meeting on Sunday, March 26, for those who choose to run. Caroline Street, a junior Business major and member of student senate said joining senate gi... More »