Victoria Holdt


Off the beaten path


Off the beaten path Two paths diverged at SMU and I, I took the path less traveled and that has made all of the difference… As I look back on my college career I pride myself on the fact that I took that less-traveled path rather than the obvious one. At first... More »

Students get chance to nominate professors


Students will get a chance to honor rhetoric professors by nominating them for an award that recognizes their commitment to teaching. The Devlin Instructorship Award allows instructors to read about the praise that they rarely receive in class. Many students w... More »

Debate rages over new roles in Senate


A few members of the Student Senate became frustrated and confused concerning a few issues on the floor Tuesday, beginning with an amendment to the SMU Student Senate by-laws. The room was filled with tension, as Article IV, section 1-d was altered. What once ... More »