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The Meadows Admission Process


If you have ever thought about pursuing a performing arts major here at SMU, you might be shocked to know that there is a dual admissions process. Ryan Cole the Associate Director of Admissions explains sheds some light on this crazy admission process. “Art, d... More »



JanTerm is one of SMU student’s favorite alternatives to summer school. Students are able to complete a 3-hour course in 8 days. The classes move quickly with several hours a day. They concentrate on a smaller class size and just one subject. What many don’t k... More »

The Panhellenic House


This special place on the SMU campus is home to many girls in many different sororities. The girls in the active sororities make up more than 21% of the female student population. Any sorority women are allowed to live in the one true treasure on the sorority ... More »


Jubilee Park: A Renewed Community


Just a 15-minute drive from the SMU campus is an organization that is working to revitalize the southeast Dallas community. Through its educational programs, affordable housing projects, and public safety initiatives, the Jubilee Park Community Center is actin... More »