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Explore Texas


Returning from a seven-month jaunt in Europe has left me with a lot of great stories to tell, most of which involve weekend travel.  Cheap options like Ryan Air, Easy Jet, and train travel made weekends in cities like Paris and Rome both accessible and afforda... More »

Give back this year


Let’s backtrack to New Year’s Eve. This may be a little hazy for some of you, but not to worry: The actual events of that night are irrelevant, including the Cinderella smooch you received at the stroke of midnight. Remember the part of the night when you were... More »

Mustang Brief


On Monday, Kay Bailey Hutchison proposed a plan to reform Texas’s government. A term limit for governors is the most high-profile proviso, but Hutchison also included measures intended to curb lobbyists’ influence in Austin and a number of other sensible polic... More »

Message from the editor


Welcome back, SMU. Winter Break always goes by too quickly, but I hope the first day of classes goes well for you. The Daily Campus is back to full-time operations, and we’ve made a few changes since December:We’ve had some staff changes—which is usual for eac... More »

School misses a chance for real learning


Taylor Pugh is a four year old in pre-kindergarten in Mesquite, TX. He hasn’t been to class since November. His school has placed him on in-school suspension as his parents tangle with the school board over the length of his hair, which reaches his collar and ... More »

The Way I See It: Summing up the semester


 We’ve all had those moments we hope no one was around to witness. Unfortunately for us, and fortunately for our friends, text messaging has made the impossible-to-remember moments impossible to forget. Here’s a monatge of some of the best texts from textsfrom... More »