Enjoying weekend brunch

By Brooke O’Hare

Max Wine and Dive’s unique menu can be explained by their slogan shown above. Photo credit: Christopher Saul

Fashion and style may go in and out of season, but one thing that remains consistent throughout Dallas every weekend happens to be brunch.

No matter what part of Dallas people live in, every restaurant thrives and stays packed during brunch time.

A consistent flow of people and mimosas flourish the city along with the various options of restaurants. Everywhere from Mexican cuisine to the classic brunch meal all present incredible options.

The Dallas Uptown area attracts brunch lovers because of its trendy atmosphere and delicious food.

Max Wine and Dive Cinnamon Rolls.jpg
Above are cinnamon rolls with icing that sizzle all the way to the table. (Courtesy of cravedfw.com)

The waiting time on brunch can last a couple of hours or more when trying to eat at a place like Nick and Sam’s Grill.

Moving to the midtown area on McKinney Avenue more restaurants appear such as MAX’S Wine and Dive in West Village.

MAX’S Wine and Dive, across from Mi Cocina and Taco Diner has a different twist to its brunch.

The slogan of the restaurant, “Fried chicken and champagne…Why the hell not?” explains their unique menu.

Max Wine and Dive’s offers mimosas with freshly squeezed orange juice. (Courtesy of Foodbitch.me)

They offer incredible dishes that focus on soul food that will not disappoint any food critic. Their gourmet comfort food as well as their vast selection of wines defines
the menu.

This restaurant captures a relaxing feel accompanied with quality food. They serve cinnamon rolls that blow your tastes buds off, as well as omelets, and of course southern fried chicken. Along with the option of soul food, the restaurant offers healthy choices such as yogurt and granola or even different salad options.

Honestly, one cannot go wrong with any choice on the menu and will be completely satisfied.

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