Fried chicken, free live music at Chicken Scratch


It comes on a plate. It comes in a basket. It comes with a biscuit. And it comes with waffles.

In other words, the menu at Chicken Scratch in Oak Cliff basically revolves around one brilliantly simple concept: chicken, with an emphasis on fried chicken.

Ironically, it’s hard to decide exactly what preparation of chicken to order upon sitting down at a wooden picnic table on the restaurant’s outdoor patio.

The chicken fingers were a no-brainer. Tender, juicy white meat coated in not-too-much batter and fried to crispy perfection. The dipping sauces were good too.

But then there were the real decisions to make. A knife-and-fork fried chicken and biscuit sandwich, or the classic rotisserie chicken? Fried chicken and coconut waffles sounded all too tempting.

As if it weren’t already a difficult enough decision, Chicken Scratch also offers a selection of – God forbid – healthy items, including a quinoa and pickled vegetable salad and chickpea hummus lettuce wraps.

In the end, the Chicken Scratch biscuit sandwich and the fried chicken and waffles sounded too good to pass up.

The sandwich was a heap of living for a measly $8.

A thick piece of fried chicken was layered with collard greens and an over-easy egg, all in between two homemade buttermilk biscuits that would rival any proud southern grandmother’s.

The chicken and waffles was an unconventional yet delicious combination.

It was everything there is to love about breakfast and dinner all rolled into one, with a hint of coconut for dessert.

On the side, the sweet and salty fries were heavenly. The pickled vegetables had a sweet vinegar flavor.

The rustic outdoor seating arrangement gave the place an Austin-like feel, especially with the live band performing.

Next door to Chicken Scratch lies the Foundry, a casual bar that offers a variety of drinks including a selection of local beers.

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