Get fit while traveling the world

Many college students are struck with a sense of longing for adventure, or wanderlust. Instead of simply reading about places around the world, people want to go and experience these places for themselves.

A break brings with it time to relax, go on vacation or spend time with loved ones. Many people use breaks as a chance to see new places and gain new experiences. Other people spend their summers working or interning, and instead look forward to a semester abroad, hoping for a chance to immerse themselves in a new culture.

Whether you fall into one of these categories or you’re at a place in your life where a bucket list will have to do for now, the world is full of opportunities and experiences that people long for.

There are plenty of mainstream places that people vacation to. London, Cabo, and New York are just a few of the places that rank at the top of people’s must-see cities. Whether you want to explore America or the whole world, there is an endless list of places to go and plenty of activities to keep you fit.

At the Costa Rican Learn-and-Surf, explorers are given four hours of private surfing lessons on each of their six-nights stay. Guests have the chance to surf at some of the most gorgeous beaches in Costa Rica. When you’re not surfing, you can hike or zip line through the jungle or practice yoga on the beach. For more information, visit the Lucero Surfing website here.

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If you aren’t feeling the hang ten lifestyle, then there are plenty of options that keep your feet safely on the ground.

For the martial artists, or those who aspire to be, there is a program for you. The Tiger Muay Thai training package takes people to the island of Phuket, Thailand. Participants are trained for hours a day in different forms of martial arts, ranging from MMA fighting to Krabi Krabong. The program also offers training in yoga and cross-fit. The renowned Cheffy Baby, who designs healthy cuisine inspired by Thailand, prepares all the food for the participants in the program.

Another option for those who want to venture out of their comfort zone is the Mountain Trek. The Mountain Trek program offers two different destinations for people who are seeking adventure: in British Columbia, Canada and Baja, Mexico. The programs are designed to help people distress, renew their health, kick-start their weight loss goals. Hikes, massages, and hot springs soaks are just a few of the things people can look forward to when they go on a Mountain Trek trip.

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For all you yogis, the Yoga Retreat is a program that takes guests on trips to explore the cultures of different countries, ranging from Peru to Thailand. The Yoga Retreat’s next trip will take people to Santorini, Greece June 7-13. Participants will have the chance to connect to the Greek culture while also rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit. Visit the Yoga Getaway website for more information on upcoming trips.

Don’t feel like venturing out and staying in a new country? Cruises are an excellent way to see the world around you while having a consistent place to rest your head at night. Norwegian Cruise Lines has ships sailing all around the world, from Europe to the Caribbean. The ships offer a variety of activities for people of all different activity levels. Spinning classes, rock climbing walls and basketball courts are just a few of the activities on the ships. Between workouts, people can venture around new locations while trusting that they have a floating home to return to.

No matter your fitness level, there is an endless list of places to go and explore. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to a vacation, take a weekend to explore the area around you. Days at the lake or exploring hiking trails are an excellent way to work on your fitness. Try new workout classes with friends or family. Summer is a time to relax, so make the most of your time off from school.

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