Heads are turning for SPIN! Pizza

Remember Across the Street Bar? I know all you seniors do. But if you don’t, it used to be in the building next to the veterinarian clinic across from Barley House. Across the Street Bar completed SMU Boulevard.

Since it closed back in 2013, there has been something missing from our favorite street. Students have waited a long time to see what would move in to that vacant spot.

Well friends, the wait is over: SPIN! Pizza is here.


SPIN! Pizza is a restaurant chain that started in Kansas City, expanded to California and has finally made its way to Texas. The newest location just off campus opened Monday, and many students and local residents dropped in to give it try.

The thought on some peoples’ minds was on the quality of the pizza. After all, SPIN! is a pizza chain from Kansas City, not from a town known for pizza, like New York City or Chicago. Could it be that amazing?

The answer is yes.


SPIN! Pizza more than exceeded expectations. The menu was expansive, and everything was fresh and packed with flavor. The spinach and goat cheese salad was crisp and topped with a homemade dressing. The roasted tomato basil soup had a rustic flair, and the formaggi semplice pizza was crispy and had the perfect balance of cheese and sauce.

Shane Callicoat is the general manager of the SMU Boulevard SPIN! Pizza location and is excited to see how it will compete with other restaurants on SMU Boulevard, like Torchy’s Tacos and Twisted Root Burger Co.


With an expansive patio, TVs and speakers, Callicoat foresees SPIN! Pizza becoming a new game day hot spot. Sports fans will be happy about the restaurant’s four big screen televisions and its large selection of beers on tap. And everyone can get on board with SPIN!’s happy hour options, available Monday through Thursday.

SPIN! Pizza’s SMU location is the fourth one in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Grand Opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place Oct. 29 at 1:30 p.m.

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