Limited edition menu items

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Baskin-Robbins “Icing on the Cake”

This Funfetti-esque flavor mixes icing with bites of cake, sprinkles and cake batter ice cream. Is it a bit juvenile? Yes. Is it also neon? Yes. Is it worth the stop to your favorite childhood ice cream shop? Absolutely. The creamy cakelike concoction is the perfect snack or dessert. There’s a Baskin-Robbins on Greenville… you know you want it.

Torchys Tacos “jack of clubs”

While the Jack of Clubs taco is technically a secret menu item, these special edition tacos do rotate, meaning you should hurry in. This heaping breakfast taco features layers of fried egg, cilantro, sour cream, fiery diablo sauce and potatoes. It’s easily the most flavorful breakfast taco around. Savory and spicy, this Torchy’s taco is a must-try.

Whataburger “monterey chicken melt”

Whataburger’s Monterey Melt is a classic, featuring peppers, a spicy sauce and a toasty bun sandwiching a thick patty and pepper jack cheese. Its chicken strip counterpart is even better. This sandwich rivals Cane’s, Chik-Fil-A and all the rest with its crispy thick chicken strips and spicy sauce. This sandwich will only be available for a few months, unless it’s brought back again by popular demand.


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