Mr. Mesero combines Mexican, American favorites

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The fish taco (left) and brisket taco (right) are two highly recommended menu items that rival each other in taste. Tacos are $10.95 for two. (MALLORY ASHCRAFT/The Daily Campus)” height=”682

Mr. Mesero, a restaurant that combines classic Mexican food with American style, was the place to be last Friday night before the football game.

With a comprehensive menu complete with appetizers like guacamole and nachos and main dishes including tacos, enchiladas, steak and salads, Mr. Mesero is everything to expect from a sophisticated Mexican restaurant.

What makes it exceptional is the attention to detail in every element of the food, from flavor to presentation.

The menu offers three types of guacamole ($9.95 each), depending on personal heat and texture preferences: “tipico,” “rebanado” and “classico.”

When the guacamole arrives, it is presented in an almost ritualistic fashion.

A waiter places a single delicate, crunchy corn chip on a plate and proceeds to top it with a dollop of fresh guacamole.

The smooth, balanced guacamole made from perfectly ripe avocados is worthy of the novel presentation.

Diners are encouraged to mix and match their favorite tacos. But choose carefully; each plate comes with two tacos, slaw and rice for $10.95.

As far as which is the best taco, it’s a definite toss up between the brisket taco and the fish taco.

The brisket is juicy and dripping with flavor. Biting into the taco reveals a hidden layer of melted cheese, and it’s topped with a spicy green sauce.

The fish is lightly coated and tempura fried, tender and flaky inside and slightly crispy outside. It’s topped with kernels of roasted corn, tomato and a mildly spicy ranch dressing.

The fajita steak taco is another good one. The meat, topped with chopped onion and cilantro, is very tender and juicy.

Don’t ignore the slaw served with the tacos. Made from thinly sliced cabbage and carrots with a hint of vinaigrette, it’s a refreshing alternative to salad and adds a satisfying crunch to the tacos.

Order a roasted chile pepper or beans as a side dish for an
extra $3.

Another option is to swap the rice that comes with the tacos and enchiladas for green rice – the best kind, according to one waitress.

The $14 Friday night special is a chile relleno. Mr. Mesero trades the typical poblano pepper for its dried counterpart, the ancho chile. Stuffed, roasted whole and served over black beans, the ancho chile gives the dish a smoky, ethereal flavor. The menu also features some American flavors, including a burger, a roast half chicken and a shrimp salad.

Mr. Mesero is owned and operated by Mico Rodriguez, founder of Mi Cocina and Taco Diner. The seasoned local restaurateur is opening an upscale version of Mr. Mesero, called Mesero Miguel, on Henderson Avenue Sept. 16.

Mr. Mesero Info
4444 McKinney Ave

Food (Tacos!)_WEB_9.6.13.jpg
The fish taco (left) and brisket taco (right) are two highly recommended menu items that rival each other in taste. Tacos are $10.95 for two. (MALLORY ASHCRAFT/The Daily Campus)” height=”682

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Dallas, TX 75205

Phone: 214-780-1991


11 a.m.-10 p.m.
Fri. & Sat.:
11 a.m. until late

Limited number of reservations accepted daily. The best way to get in is to become a regular and text them when you’re coming!

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