New burger joint Spork charms Dallas

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A futuristic and revolutionarily healthy fast food stop, Spork is North Dallas’ latest go-to for a quick bite to eat.

The best part? Many of Dallas’ best chefs collaborated on the concept and menu.

Their idea was simple: revamp the drive-through experience using the highest quality ingredients and recipes.

A repurposed Sonic building is the restaurant’s new home, but you can hardly tell.

Neon lighting and high-tech chrome accessories elevate the interior, while a roomy patio is inviting to guests.

Spork opened earlier this month; its Facebook reviews are already excellent.

Guests love the menu. Spork serves classic burger fare with interesting add-ons and flavors. While diners can enjoy favorites like grilled cheese, beef burgers, shakes, or house salads, Spork fans flock for patties like black bean or buffalo and sandwiches like fresh fish or pulled pork. Toppings include oddities like Dr. Pepper Spicy Onions, goat cheese, pickled shiitake mushrooms, and tamarind ketchup; somewhat more standard additions include avocado, crispy fried egg, and jalapeño blue cheese spread.

The restaurant also boasts cocktails such as “Orange Creamsicle” and “Grandma’s Punch”, as well as a range of beers.

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The menu also places an emphasis on using the freshest local ingredients.

Spork is a drive from SMU’s campus, located between Addison and Plano, but is definitely worth the late-night trek should you be in the driving mood. It’s open until 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. And, with sandwiches starting at $7, Spork’s food is certainly affordable for a college student.

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