The best of bottled water

It seems that all bottled water should be the same, but we each have our own preferences. Most people choose what water to drink based on preferences for how each specific brand tastes. Most of the time, we don’t give much thought into where the water came from and what all could be in it.

The following brands of bottled water score highest for taste and freshness.

Mountain Valley Spring Water

One of the only bottled water brands from America to make the list. Mountain Valley Spring Water is famous for its unique mineral composition. A plethora of athletes, U.S. Presidents and Hollywood stars all believe that the minerals found naturally in this water have healing abilities.

FIJI Natural Artisan Water

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It’s the number one imported bottled water to the United States and we all know why. FIJI water is known for its high silica concentration, along with calcium and magnesium. FIJI water is so committed to quality and cleanliness that no human is allowed to touch it during the bottling process. It is only touched when the bottle is opened.

Voss Artesian Water

Some get it for the bottle; others get it for the taste. It is widely known as one of the most fashionable and fabulous brands of water in the world. It is also some of the purest water in the world. Bottled in Norway, the water that goes into Voss’ bottles is protected from pollutants for hundreds of years by rock and sand before it is bottled.

Evian Natural Spring Water

France dominates the list in number of exceptional bottled water brands. From Perrier Mineral Water to Saint Géron, France has a vast array of mineral, sparkling and artesian water brands.

One of the cleanest and most famous French waters is Evian. The source of the water is melted snow that is filtered through glacial sand. The sand is surrounded by clay, which keeps it protected from pollutants.


Other popular brands of water from France include are Volvic Natural Spring Water and Ferrarelle Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water.

Hildon Natural Mineral Water

It’s one of the most prestigious waters in the United Kingdom and is served in Buckingham Palace and the House of Commons. Hildon is naturally low in sodium because it spends 50 years filtering through the chalk hills of the Hampshire countryside before it appears in an underground aquifer. Then it is bottled without chemical treatment to preserve its natural flavor. Tell all your friends studying abroad in the UK to grab a bottle and see if they can taste the difference.

In the end, water is water and is important to our health. The Institute of Medicine recommends drinking between two and three liters of water a day. So pick a brand or try a few and start drinking. With warm weather on the way, hydration is vital to staying healthy.

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