Three New Ice Cream Shops to Try Over Spring Break

SMU students who are staying in Dallas over the week may want to try the ice cream at these new Dallas establishment to remind them of warm weather and distant destinations.


Located next to the Original Chop Shop on Hillcrest Ave, Baldo’s is a convenient café where you can taste ice cream made from locally sourced ingredients. If you can’t decide on one flavor, try a flight of either three or six mini-cones. Coffee, tea, and speciality drinks as well as edible cookie dough are offered.


Based in California, Cauldron on Knox Street is the first DFW location for the chain. The ice cream is nitrogen-frozen and features creative flavors such as early grey lavender and milk & cereal. The frozen dessert is served in egg waffle cones called “OG Puffle Cones” which are delicious and Instagram worthy.


Wonders Ice Cream Photo credit: Wonders Ice Cream

With seven locations in Minnesota, Wonders on Lemmon Ave is the chain’s first Texas location. The rolled ice cream is made-to-order and there are twenty different flavors offered. Some of the unique combinations include “Cookie Monster” and “Cereal Killah.”