Top 5 healthy restaurants to try this January

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It is that time of the year again! We are only a couple of weeks into 2015, the time when everyone still has (hopefully) that strong surge of willpower intact for their New Year’s resolutions. If a healthier lifestyle is one of your goals, don’t let eating out derail your resolutions when you’re on the go or out to brunch. Plans for healthier eating doesn’t have to mean unpleasant food and disappointing salads when there are plenty of choices nearby. Here is a list of healthy restaurants near campus and recommendations for what to order there:

1. Start

This “slow food served fast” drive-thru or eat-in restaurant serves breakfast all day, lunch and dinner. When you’re in a rush, head over to their drive-thru window and pick up steel cut oatmeal with pecans, maple syrup, and dried fruit, or their Mediterranean quinoa salad with feta and homemade vinaigrette. The loaded sweet potatoes are also a must try. Start offers healthy options for people short on time.

2. Dive Coastal Cuisine

Located right in the heart of Snider Plaza, Dive serves up fresh seafood, salads and wraps. Try the ahi tuna wrap- coconut rice, seared tuna and slaw wrapped up in a spinach tortilla and served with plantain chips on the side. Yum! They also offer a salad sampler, where you can choose to try three of their salads. The kale and soba noodle salads are two great choices.

3. True Food Kitchen

Heaven. This restaurant’s menu is 100% delicious, healthy and accommodating of food intolerances. Top picks are the butternut squash pizza (which tastes even better on their gluten free crust), the spaghetti squash casserole and the chia seed pudding. Please do not leave True Food Kitchen without trying their pudding. It’s creamy coconut pudding with bananas and crunchy, toasted coconut chips.

4. Kozy

Popular for their breakfast, this joint in Knox Henderson area is one of the best restaurants for gluten free diners. Almost everything on the menu is gluten-free- pancakes included! They have a variety of scramblers and omelets topped with grass-fed beef and organic cheeses. The veggie connection is an open-faced omelet with your choice of as many vegetables as you’d like on top- they have a list of their fresh produce on their chalkboard. Pour on some of their homemade salsa and order their sweet potato hash on the side.

5. Company Café

This natural café sitting along the Katy Trail is serving “great tasting comfort food with a healthy, organic twist.” With a spacious outdoor patio, Company Café is the spot for a healthier brunch when the weather is beautiful. Here you can feel a little less guilty indulging in gluten free, seasonal cakes and French toast bites. The tomato burrata salad with creamy burrata, fresh pesto and lots of greens is the opposite of disappointing and the shrimp tacos with organic salsa is full of flavor.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year resolutioners!

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