Trinity Groves restaurant roundup

Across the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is Dallas’ trendiest dining spot, Trinity Groves.

The neighborhood hosts a strip of “concept incubator” restaurants, each with a distinct and unusual theme and menu.

Trinity Groves is a gem for anyone with an appetite for adventure or just plain good food.

Here are my favorites:

Hofmann’s Hots

Hofmann's Hots Courtesy of  2.jpg
Courtesy of Yelp

Hofmann’s Hots hot dogs are delectably different.

Far from a simple ballpark frank, these luxe dogs are sandwiched in flaky brioche buns and chargrilled.

Then, they’re topped with everything from onion chutney to cool Asian slaw to chipotle ranch. Paired with a custard shake, a Hofmann’s Hot is a perfect portable meal to bring exploring.

Enjoy the two while perusing other stores and restaurants.

Sushi Bayashi

Sushi Bayashi Courtesy of  2.jpg
Courtesy of Dallas Observer

Newly opened Sushi Bayashi is a splashy seafood joint described as “Tokyo neighborhood-style casual dining.”

Their fish and seafood is great, but the true standout is their massive ramen bowl.

Far from Cup O’ Noodle, this broth is packed with thick homemade noodles, ground chicken, cabbage, bean sprouts, and green onions.

Its flavor and size make this bowl a satisfyingly hearty meal.


Souk Dallas courtesy of 2.jpg
Courtesy of

Souk, a Moroccan bistro and bar, has the type of menu where pondering it for half an hour is to be expected; the variety of drool-worthy offerings is vast.

Try Chicken Shawarma, a classic spicy chicken cradled in soft bread, or go for the kebabs or tagines.

The velvety hummus is of course vital to the experience.

Hand crafted sweet cocktails like fig martinis pair well with the savory food.

Kate Weiser Chocolate

Kate Weiser courtesy of 2.JPG
Courtesy of Kate Weiser

Kate Weiser Chocolates’ multicolored marble shells house gooey centers like Grand Marnier, peanut brittle, and intense berry.

These artisan bonbons and truffles retail at $2.50 each, meaning sampling a variety is a must.

Also offered are macarons, lollipops, caramels and bars.

Rich and smoky drinking chocolate warms up cold days; ice cream is served in spring and summer.

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