A recap of the 30th annual Sing Song

This year’s Sing Song put on by SMU Program Council featured an evening of student-performed musicals surrounding superhero storylines at the McFarlin Auditorium on April 20.

Members of Chi Omega and Beta Theta Pi performed a skit about Captain America, which took home first place. The students have been practicing for this performance since January.

Chi Omega and Beta Theta Pi poster

Delta Delta Delta’s Sing Song Chair Maggie Barbour really enjoyed the whole experience.

“It’s so amazing to work with the new members and learn their personalities and watch them work together and encourage each other,” Barbour said.

Sing Song is an annual event that brings most of the Panhellenic community together through the community created in the rehearsal and performance process.

A member of Pi Beta Phi, Brooke Naylor was happy her organization was involved in the performance.

“I’m happy that my organization is involved with it,” Naylor said. “It felt so rewarding to see it all come together.”

Ryan Hawkins, a member of Phi Delta Theta, gained a new appreciation for musicals through his participation in Sing Song.

“One thing I can take away is that you’re never too cool to be in a musical,” Hawkins said.

Corinne Gibson, one of the co-directors of the show, was very proud of the final product.

“It’s definitely no small task wrangling 250 college freshman, most of whom have never done theatre before, to put on a full production in just four months,” Gibson said. “I could not be more impressed or proud with how these groups embraced the competition and left it all on the stage the night of the show. Sing Song 2018 was definitely a night to remember.”

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