Controversial political commentator Steven Crowder comes to SMU

Last Thursday the political commentator and comedian Steven Crowder spoke at SMU in McFarlin Auditorium. SMU’s College Republicans invited the conservative provocateur to speak for the event “Louder With Crowder”. Activists of LGBTQ+ community and others gathered on the lawn outside of McFarlin to protest Crowder, who is known for making slurs against LGBTQ+ people. #SMUCrowder was the hashtag used to follow the event.

Fans of Crowder came dressed in “MAGA” hats and other apparel to show their support. Shirts with the slogan “Pro-Guns Change My Mind” were available for purchase at the event.

The event also included a meet and greet where attendees could take a picture with Crowder.

The auditorium was full with people attending from off and on campus.

Protestors stood outside of the auditorium. Some signs read “immigrants make American great”, “hate isn’t funny”, and “bring Beyoncé next time”.

Other protestors took a little different stance.

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