Make a Chain Reaction at This Year’s Heroes Week

During Heroes Week, the Mustang Heroes’ goal is to get each person on campus engaged in a chain reaction intended to start the revolution of SMU’s identity in service. Every student and faculty member is invited to participate. The organization believes that servant leaders come from all walks of life and change manifests in projects of all shapes and sizes.

For this year’s Heroes Week, the Mustang Heroes decided to adopt the Rachel Challenge for Bullying Prevention. They invite you to participate in a Chain Reaction of Kindness and Compassion. On colorful pieces of construction paper, participants are asked to write down a random act of kindness that they are going to do for someone else that day. For example, you could hold the door for a stranger, offer a smile to someone you see or leave a nice note for your roommate.

Then, simply tape your link to the next chain. At the end of the project, the club will make the chain come full circle.

The goal of this project is to pledge to give something of yourself beyond what you would normally offer to someone you don’t know. Acts of kindness can range from something small, such as asking someone down the hall how they are doing, or large, such as going to volunteer at a soup kitchen or taking a stranger to coffee because you notice that they are in need of a friend. By making a pledge and being involved, you will be leading the charge in the change across SMU’s campus.

The project will take place in the Starbucks in Fondren Library on Monday and Tuesday from two to four p.m., as well as in the residential commons all week long.

Mustang Heroes is also partnering with Grub Burger on Greenville Avenue in a profit share benefitting tornado disaster relief in the wake of the tornados that hit Dallas in late October. All you have to do is eat at Grub Burger any day this week and just make sure that the receipt goes in the Mustang Heroes bag.

If you want to learn more about Heroes Week or if you’re interested in joining join Mustang Heroes, contact the Corinne Brien, Events Chair for Mustang Heroes at