SMU Catholic offers students a chance to let their walls down

SMU Catholic hosted students and members of the community at Perkins Chapel March 7 for Jericho. Jericho is a monthly meeting that gives students uninterrupted hours to let their guard down and connect with God. This month the visiting speaker was Sister Josephine Garrett.

Jericho is a monthly event hosted by the catholic center that provides students, friends, family, and members of the community a chance to come together in song and worship, cultivating their relationship with God.

Priscilla Garza, a sophomore at SMU enjoys coming because, “At Jericho we can be opened about the battle we are facing as students, the sin we feel like we have fall in to because we will be outsiders other wise. As a greek life student, I struggle with this A LOT. How can we be Christ-like if we aren’t given the tool to do so? Jericho is a time for students to open their heart to God and accept the graces He wants us to use as our armor to fight the spiritual battle.”

The event begins in song, welcoming the community to enter into a place of worship in whatever way works for them. Some in the crowd felt moved by the music, passionately singing and moving along with the words. Others practiced a more subdued approach, closing their eyes or quietly singing along, but all were welcomed and comfortable in their prayer. Many students were in attendance, taking the opportunity step away from the stress and chaos of midterms and school work to enter into a space of reflection and prayer.

“Christ’s presence is very real at Jericho!” Garza said. “The moment you walk in to Perkins chapel, you can feel his presence like never before! I wish more people can come, they’d love it!”

After beginning the night with song and worship lead by Dave Moore, Sister Josephine Garrett spoke to the group. Garrett, originally from Houston, spoke about being raised Baptist and what led her to join the Catholic church and eventually become a nun. She shared about her time studying in Rome and being moved by Pope John Paul II.

Garrett reminded the group that “it is not appropriate to say you have a relationship with God, it is more appropriate to say I am a relationship with God” because God created each of use and we are a part of Him.

While talking about her relationship with God and her faith, Garrett shared a comment her uncle had made to her. He said that love and romance have been ruined by roses and boxes of chocolate, that the principle of these relationships used to be adventure.

“Adventure can be good or bad” Garrett remarked, encouraging the group to have an adventurous relationship with God.

Following Sister Garrett’s remarks, Dave Moore once again lead the group in song as the night transitioned to a time for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. At this period four priests were also available for reconciliation. In the spirit of the Lenten season many students and members of the community took this opportunity to be absolved of their sins.

After a few final songs the group was invited to end the night with s’mores outside, or if they wished stay and pray some more.

Jericho is hosted monthly at Perkins Chapel, for
more information you can check out SMU Catholic on Facebook or their website

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