SMU Library to host ‘Adulting 101’ Workshop

SMU Libraries will be hosting an ‘Adulting 101’ workshop in Fondren Library Red Room 323 on Tuesday Oct. 16th at 3:30 p.m. The event aims to educate students in topics they can’t take a course in, such as how to draft a professional email and how to select an insurance policy. The subject how to register to vote will prove to be important with the midterm elections this November.

The topics covered in the workshop were selected by SMU faculty members. All of them cover areas in which said faculty members wished they had learned before graduating.

Megan Heuer, head of information literacy for SMU Libraries, mentioned this lecture can save students from making preventable mistakes in their futures.

“Adulting 101 covers basic things everyone needs to know after graduation, and helps you to understand how to connect with resources for learning more,” Heuer said.

The 45-minute workshop will provide students with extra resources to help them feel better equipped for life after college. This workshop is one in a series presented by SMU Libraries called “Work and Life,” which aims to be another way SMU prepares its students for the ‘real’ world.

Register for Adulting 101.