Juicing craze hits Dallas

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By Brooke O’Hare

Nektar, a juice bar with a location in Snider Plaza, offers juices for specific purposes like this one, the toxin flush. (Courtesy of Natalie Wolfe)

Jump on the new health kick and fad with a juice.


Juice bars are becoming extremely popular throughout cities and shopping centers. They have slowly made its way into coffee shops and yogurt places throughout the United States.

Now people are seeing a new trend of juice bars popping up everywhere.

For those who want to feel fit and get their full serving of fruits and vegetables, they might want to try a juice.

Drinking juices cleanses your body of toxins and other negative chemicals that are in food.

Juices are extremely refreshing and allows one’s body to take in vegetables and ingredients without any bad sauce, butter or fatty toppings.

It’s an organic and nutritious option for those who don’t want to consume fat and calories for a meal.

Students can try a juice, find one they like and make it a habit to drink a juice once a week.

It leaves people feeling refreshed and their body will get on a health kick without even realizing it.

There are no push-ups, sit-ups or running involved, just simply drink a juice from the many options.

Students should hop on the juice cleanse and let their taste buds enjoy the rest.

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